Quality Healthcare

Maintaining your body and good health throughout your entire lifetime, is properly the best method to prevent disease from happening in the first place. The African Founder’s healthcare platform provides you with critical access to your doctor and other specialists to enable you manage you health in a more efficient manner.

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At African Founders, we are passionate about using technology to increase the quality and the efficiency of healthcare in Africa. This is why we have embarked on building Africa’s ...

Agriculture & Agro-Allied Products

Agriculture is a critical bedrock of the growth of the African continent. With some of the most beautiful arable lands, crops and staple foods in the world, Africa has the capacity to feed the ...


Increasing the quality of the African workforce requires that the grooming of potential employees and employers be started early. This is why African Founders started QuickJobs,..


Entrepreneurs are at the heart of the economic growth of any nation or continent. If Africa must reach it’s full potentials, then the quality of her entrepreneurs must increase. At African Founders,..





African Founders is a leading African early stage holding company for several high impact and high value internet companies.


At African Founders, we believe in Africa and the potential inherent within her. We are first and foremost entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and passionate doers who love to take risks on ideas and products that have an impact. We love and embrace the role of technology and design in the dynamic world of today; and we understand that people are at the heart of every organization and believe in a sustainable, fulfilling corporate culture.

The internet will change Africa forever. Its growth is unparalleled and opportunities are unlimited.

Now is the time to think big! Now is the time for founders in Africa!




Christian Keller

CEO & Co Founder

Christian is an experienced impact and internet entrepreneur with a passion for Sub-Saharan Africa, politics, and technology. 
As the CEO of African Founders, he has

co-founded ventures such as DoctorDial.ng, HelpOga.comboosu.com.gh or QuickJobs.ng. 
He combines 10 years of top-management consulting, corporate strategy and program management experience with a track record of managing large teams and budgets in both corporate and entrepreneurial high-growth environments.

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Biodun Makinde

Co Founder

Biodun  is an internet entrepreneur with a wide array of proficiency. A media Consultant, Public Speaker & Writer, He combines years of integrated experience in the Media & Marketing Communications industry to aid effective business decisions and marketing.
Biodun has consistently held leadership and managerial positions in varying organizations for the last 10 years. He is sought after as an inspirational speaker that can add incredible value to any organisations human capacity development effort.

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