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nni Fundraising Dinner

Join Us for an Evening of Purpose and Dialogue!

"Network, Experience, and Contribute."


Jonelle Naude, M.Sc (Psych), M.Sc (Comp. Polit), MCC,

Founder & Chair

"When it is safe enough to open ourselves to multiple-truths and lived experience, we loosen our grip on having to be right. We can hear the other and face our collective pain. We shift. We heal. We ignite.
We are a system and therefore we can heal a system."

About the Event

We are thrilled to invite you to our Lagos Fundraising Dinner, an exclusive evening dedicated learning about, experiencing, and supporting systemic nniDialogue in society and beyond

Date & Venue

Join us on Friday, May 24th, 6pm. The venue will be on Victoria Island, Lagos and disclosed to participants

Purpose of the Event

To raise awareness, support, and funds for nni - and to enjoy an extraordinary evening!


nni is a global non-profit organisation registered in South Africa. Through inclusive systemic dialoguing nni serves the public and different communities across Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Working with systemic energetic blockages to release and heal, we then help citizens do the same.

nni has enabled over 500 transformative systemic dialogues globally - bei it free public dialogues on topics that matter in society and politics, or be it with marginalized communities in South Africa and around the world. nni has furthermore trained over 200 community facilitators and provided over 140 scholarships.


A world that is healing and evolving to greater equality and collective responsibility


Spread transformational dialogue like a healing virus.


Access; Energy Flow; All Voices; Multiple Truths; Citizenship; Collective Responsibility.


Secure your spot early by registering through our simple online form.

Pricing: N45,000 plus food. All contributions will fully go towards nni. There will be a small number of tickets sponsored by the organizer.


Why Support

nni’s work has primarily been self-funded and supported by volunteers. We are proud of the significant healing impact made South Africa and globally and would like to expand on the foundations we have set. We need investment from funders to continue and grow our work

Christian Keller.jpeg

About the Organizer

Christian Keller is a seasoned business entrepreneur in Lagos and a systemic change leader. As a trained nniFacilitator and board member of nni, he passionately believes in dialogue as a means of transformation both in his own organization and the world.


Can’t attend? You can still make a difference!

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